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Public Relations Consulting in Dallas

3 ways we help you with Public Relations

As a botique Dallas marketing consultant, we believe in the power of one unified message. We get this message out by focusing on digital marketing, public relations and message development and discipline.

public relations message development

Public Relations Message Development

We love creating messages so much, we built a web tool that helps our clients discover their best key message. You should never face the media or the public without a message. Message development and delivery are critical to protect and improve your brand.

Public Relations Media Training

How do you use and practice communication tricks like bridging to ensure you’re always on message? How should you approach a reporter? Answers to these questions are critical. Our media training classes will ensure you know the answers and are well-rehearsed.

public relations media campaigns

Public Relations and Marketing Campaigns

Need publicity? Do you want the local news to cover you, or do you need help writing a press release or news release? Our writers and our founder have backgrounds in news. We understand what makes news, and we can build a campaign around these elements.

We Created The Digital Tool to Get Your Message

As Seen In

Points on Paper in Launch DFW

We created a process that helps you find clarity. It forces you to focus on the basic questions that create good and sound key messages. It forces you to think about your topic and what you are offering to your audience in neutral way. At the end of the process you have a set of key messages that you can immediately start using.

Our Public Relations Packages

Message Development

  • Key Messages immediately created by end of session. We use a process that is guided by technology.
  • Able to use messages immediately in speech, landing pages, emails, etc.

Media Training

  • Learn to write messages and learn how to deliver those messages in practically any scenario.
  • Learn tricks like “bridging” to ensure you’re on message and learn tips to talk to a reporter.
  • Brainstorm Technology Account Included

Marketing Report

  • We take a deep dive into your brand. We listen deeply to you, your customers, prospects, and stakeholders.
  • We will suggest improvements to your marketing and a campaign to get attention.

Marketing Campaign

  • Our goal is to find what you’re good at and what the customer needs, and find where these two overlap. Once we do, we will create a targeted campaign to attack a new or existing market.
  • Message Development, Media Training, Marketing Report included.

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