Some of my work with
Points on Paper

Points on Paper is an online tool that helps you get clarity and builds a message map for your idea or project. It’s my passive-income model and sometimes leads to clients.

-382 message maps have been started.
-Of those, 242 message maps have been completed.
-424 people have signed up.

Some of my clients are under an NDA. But below are a few of my clients that originated from Points on Paper marketing tactics.

Humpty Dumpty Day School

Humpty Dumpty Day School needed to reboot their online brand. After creating a robust value proposition, we re-launched their website. More than 70 parents gave Humpty Dumpty their information to tell them they were interested in the school.

Honor Courage Commitment

Honor Courage Commitment helps veterans start businesses. They hired me to take all veterans in their fellowship classes to create a value proposition about their company. We have been invited back three times.

Value Proposition Work

A retired baby boomer was starting a new consulting company. I created his value proposition to explain what he does for customers. You can see most of my work in the about section of this site.

Content for Clients

The Best 7 Things at Autodesk University 2016

7 Trends in 2017 for Commercial Real Estate

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality Makes BIM Truly 3D

Autodesk Wants to Organize Data in ‘Common Data Environments’

Convergence of Technology to Lead Future, Execs Say at Autodesk University Keynote

Autodesk Celebrates First Year of Cloud Platform that Liberates Data From Desktop Apps

Developers Key in Next Phase of Construction, Real Estate Growth, AEC Industry 4.0 Report States (news release & eBook)

HingePoint’s Roadmap to Create Your Own BIM Model

Industry 4.0 will revolutionize BIM and AEC

The Oversimplified Workflow for BIM in AEC

Learn this Simple Rule to Identify Busywork

Time for an Evaluation: 5 Facts that Show Technology Is Slowing You Down

DAQRI Showcased Virtual Reality Smart Helmet at Autodesk University

HSBCAD Showcases Augmented Reality, HoloLens Demo at Autodesk University

Autodesk Shows Us the Future of 3D Printing

Smartvid.io at Autodesk University: Uses Machine Learning to Tag Photos, Videos in AEC Projects

Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa Evolves with Tech, Nimbleness

The HingePoint Technology Manifesto

Some of my work
at AT&T

Work at AT&T included external communications and public relations, internal communications, executive briefing materials and content such as blog posts, videos and internal news stories. Although most of my work is behind a firewall, here are three examples of work I created as internal communication consultant.

Innovation and Renewal Presentation

Diversity and Inclusion Internal Video

Executive Briefing Document

Personal Blog Posts

I have a big presentation coming up next week. How should I best prepare myself?

How can I spread my ideas to as many people as possible?

What words should you never say when being interviewed?

How can one develop skills such as structured thinking and structured communication?

The 3 Lessons I Learned From Author Carmine Gallo on How to Follow Your Passion

How the $100 Startup changed my life & how I happily pursued passion since

Fight the Status Quo: My Manifesto to You

What is the real meaning of “good communication”?

What are some tricks for having an interesting conversation with someone you just met?