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We created a process that helps you find clarity. It forces you to focus on the basic questions that create good and sound key messages. It forces you to think about your topic and what you are offering to your audience in neutral way. At the end of the process you have a set of key messages that you can immediately start using.

Transform Your Thoughts

If you cannot clearly and concisely express your idea, then it does not exist.

You’re going to have a hard time getting people to buy into your idea. We have a communication tool and process that will organize your messages and give you clarity.

6 Brainstorms, 70 Characters

Focus on basics of clear communication with our Brainstorm Guide. You have 70 characters to answer each question and brainstorm, making brevity critical.

The Brainstorm Guide focuses on why your topic is unique, the audience advantage and the pain points you are trying to solve. The right mix of these elements is the basic building block of sound messages. The tool takes you through six brainstorms, all designed to create one key message.

Tool Immediately Organizes Thoughts

Everything on the Brainstorm Tool is designed to prove one point, one key message.

At the end, you have a visual, organized representation of your key message, called a Message Map
You can also download a text document of your message, so you can start writing immediately.

What you can do with Points on Paper

Points on Paper is a process that we digitized. After going through the process you have clear points to share about your topic and an organized, structured message. This tool was created to consistently find clarity.

Create main messages for your landing pages.

Create an outline of your emails or blog posts.

Create an outline for your sales proposal or pitch.

Create talking points for your speech or presentation.

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