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Message Development in Dallas

How Points on Paper Helps You with Your Message

We love creating messages so much, we built a web tool that helps our clients discover their best key message. You should never face the media or the public without a message. Message development and delivery are critical to protect and improve your brand.

Message Development Consulting

We love creating messages that help your prospects make buying decisions or build trust with you. We believe that messages should show your audience why they have the advantage with you and points to your business value proposition.

Message Development Facilitated Workshop

We work on an actual project with you and take you through our message development process. We give you a brainstorming tool so you can create messages on your own without the help of a communication consultant.

As Messaging Development Experts in Dallas…

We Created The Brainstorming Tool to Make Your Message

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Points on Paper in Launch DFW

We created a process that helps you find clarity. It forces you to focus on the basic questions that create good and sound key messages. It forces you to think about your topic and what you are offering to your audience in an objective way. At the end of the process you have a set of key messages that you can immediately start using.

Communication Skills Facilitated Workshop

We do Action Learning Engagements, which means we work on your message while you learn about communication.

A 5-minute presentation can determine the next 5 years. 

Have a clear message to express your next big idea or move.

Professionally develop your team by learning the Points on Paper method. We work on a communication project together, while teaching you basics of communication and the Points on Paper Process.

You will learn:

  • A method that quickly gives you concise points.
  • A disciplined way to approach messages.
  • Fundamentals of communication.
  • A simple method to create a communication strategy.
  • How to quickly generate story ideas and content.

Need messaging help fast?

Get the free Points on Paper worksheet to make a message fast:

Here’s a guide to how we write key messages

Instead of aimlessly writing on a clean whiteboard or a blank word processor, Points on Paper gives you a structured and disciplined way to reach clarity of an idea. You’re forced to focus on fundamental communication questions often overlooked.

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