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FAQ About Points on Paper

What is Points on Paper?

Points on Paper is a brainstorming method that helps you find clarity on a topic you wish to communicate. Our method is a list of questions and brainstorms required to answer the basic questions needed to make sound communication. They are the same questions a consultant would ask when they are trying to help you find clarity and organize your thoughts in a structured way.


Is your process free?

Our Points on Paper worksheet is free. We also send you tips to better answer the questions and brainstorm more effectively so you can get clearer messages. Our Guided Brainstorm Tool is not free You can get our worksheet by filling in the form below.



What is your Guided Brainstorm Tool?

Guided Brainstorm Tool, Message Map Maker, Points on Paper, Jimmy Marline EppersonOur brainstorming tool has the same list of questions and brainstorms as the worksheet, but it is on the web. When you purchase our brainstorming tool, you get your own account and can make new projects for each topic that you want to communicate.

Once you start a new project, the tool asks you questions to clarify your idea. Instead of facing a blank page, you can use Points on Paper to think deeply and in a structured way about your topic or idea.

The tool is also designed to write the essential statements; you only have 70 characters to answer each question. It also automatically saves your work, which means you can start a new project on your Windows desktop at work and finish on your iPhone at home. When you’re finished, you push a button and a message map appears, which is a set of organized key messages.


What is a Message Map?


A Message Map is a communication tool that organizes your thoughts and helps you visualize and communicate your points more effectively.







Why are Message Maps Beneficial?

Here’s a Youtube video we made to show you why and how to use a message map. Message Maps help you visualize and organize your thoughts. And when you understand how to use them,  they will help you be a better speaker and write messages that are more concise and organized.


Who created Points on Paper? 

Jimmy Marlin Epperson created the Points on Paper method. While working at AT&T, Jimmy needed a faster and repeatable way to consult others. He eventually came up with a system of questions and brainstorms to ask everyone. He found that it worked. He worked with a developer to make it a digital tool.


What does Jimmy do for a living?

Jimmy is a marketing and communication consultant in Dallas, Texas. He started his career as a reporter in the Florida Keys and Oklahoma. After the birth of his son, he moved to business consulting. Jimmy has helped nonprofits, IT companies, schools, doctors and entrepreneurs create their value propositions and marketing plans. You can see his portfolio here.