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3 Ways Points on Paper Helps You with Digital Marketing

Content Marketing Creation

We love creating content that helps your prospects make buying decisions or build trust with you. We believe that content should show your audience why they have the advantage with you and points to your business value proposition.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Need help coming up with what channels of marketing to go after? Need help making a plan for your content? Want some ideas on the best way forward with content marketing? We are here to help and will create a Marketing Roadmap.

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Content Marketing Consulting

We are also consultants for digital marketing in Dallas. If you need help fast, or just want a simple question answered, give us a call and we will see how we can help you with your content strategy or creation.

Creating Your Digital Marketing Sweet Spot

When setting your content strategy, we find out what you’re good at and what your customers want.

Based on a Market Research Report from in-depth interviews and a news analysis, we will move forward with a targeted plan to get your message out. Below is our underlying marketing philosophy.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is using video, blog posts, infographics to answer questions and share interesting topics about your industry or business. With the right mix of content, companies can increase their online reputation and help compliment the marketing they are already doing.

The goal is to be searchable on Google with a set of keywords. When people are looking for a company like yours online and they search, what are they going too find? Will they find you?

Keywords and Content

When customers search for the services you offer, they use “keywords.” Keywords are words you enter into Google to find a product or service. You need the right set of keywords so people can find your content.

Once people find you online with keywords, you better have something that is interesting and useful for your readers. Click the Venn Diagram to learn more.

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Types of Content

1. Trends about Your Industry

Trend pieces can gain a lot of traffic overtime, especially if it is an interesting piece that has relevant facts and data about your industry.

2. The Free Giveaway

Give aways – stuff like ebooks, worksheets, and other info – can help you get email addresses from interested prospects.

3. Information for Customers

Education pieces not only help you explain what you do, but it helps customers see the pain points they may not have known existed!

Content Can Even Be Informational Videos

Sense of Purpose

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5-Step Process for Digital Strategy

What We Can Do For You

Content Creation

Need professional-grade content that interest prospects? We have you covered.

Digital Strategy

Need a roadmap and strategy to tackle online or digital marketing? Talk to our digital marketing experts.

Content Consultant

Need direction but don’t want to hire an expensive firm? We can set something up within your budget.