A Testimonial by Michael Jernigan

NOTE: Michael Jernigan is a veteran we had the honor of helping while working with Honor Courage Commitment in Texas.  Points on Paper is a tool that I have found allows me to not only consolidate my thoughts on one topic in one place but it also allows me to prioritize those thoughts and helps [...]

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How do I communicate with my boss again that I don’t have enough work to do?

This might not work for you and your situation... But I had this problem when I worked in corporate America. I finally decided to stop begging for work and found my own. I began helping every department I could. I created strategic messaging for products, services and new initiatives. I was in HR, but helped [...]

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Why is social media marketing becoming prime for business organizations and what are the top social media marketing tools available?

Businesses want to get on social media to communicate to customers and build awareness about their business because it’s cost effective. However, before we can talk marketing tools on social media, you need to make sure you have a message that resonates with your audience. Many businesses push the cart before the horse. I see [...]

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Do you have to get your hands dirty to build a business?

Communication is the foundation for any business. If you cannot express the problem you solve for customers effectively, then they probably won’t listen to you. Here’s a similar question from social media and business expert Gary Vaynerchuk. In this Medium post, Vaynerchuk is talking about building a personal brand. He wrote it a year ago. And he [...]

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Gossip is Detrimental

  Gossip is detrimental, especially when a company is going through an unstable period. It seems that when unknowns are high, gossip increases. For example, a company I worked for launched a new initiative, and they wanted to complete it in six years. It would transform the company. The top brass had said employees would [...]

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