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Message Map Maker

Points on Paper Process helps you focus on basics of sound communication

  • Message Map Maker gives you 70 characters, making brevity critical
  • Message Map Maker focuses on uniqueness and audience advantage, which is the basic building block of sounds messages
  • The Tool takes you through six brainstorms, all designed to create one key message

Digital Process makes a message map

  • Everything on Message Map is designed to prove one point, one key message.
  • Message Maps help you stay on message and creates message discipline
  • Message Maps help you visualize the main ideas in your message

Example Message Map

Created by communication experts who love key messages

  • Our process is based more than 50 years of consulting and writing experience, father and son pieced it together.
  • Jimmy Epperson developed it while in corporate America
  • Jimmy Epperson has been writing and consulting for 15 years

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