Do you have to get your hands dirty to build a business?

Communication is the foundation for any business. If you cannot express the problem you solve for customers effectively, then they probably won’t listen to you. Here’s a similar question from social media and business expert Gary Vaynerchuk. In this Medium post, Vaynerchuk is talking about building a personal brand. He wrote it a year ago. And he [...]

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Communicate effectively: 2-minute speech, no problem

Even the two-minute speech can give us that anxiety along the pit of our stomach because it's hard to communicate effectively. An old colleague recently called and said he was going to speak in front of 100 people. A few days before the event he said, “It’s just for two or three minutes. I’ll probably just [...]

Gossip is Detrimental

  Gossip is detrimental, especially when a company is going through an unstable period. It seems that when unknowns are high, gossip increases. For example, a company I worked for launched a new initiative, and they wanted to complete it in six years. It would transform the company. The top brass had said employees would [...]

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Our Manifesto: Fight the Status Quo

If you’re like me, then you constantly see the status quo… and you don’t like it. The status quo is the now. It’s how things are done today because they have always been done that way. Unfortunately there are groups of people who want to protect this status quo. The reason? Because they’re comfortable. They [...]

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5 Differences between having Clarity vs. Jumbled Thoughts

  1) Communication: Without clarity, people won’t understand you, whether you’re selling something, persuading someone to do the right thing or helping someone. Jumbled thoughts will send mixed messages. 2) Focus: With clarity, you’re focused. With jumbled thoughts, you’re not. Take a business plan as an example. If you don’t have clarity you’re all over the [...]

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