Find freedom from your own mind with key messages

Points on Paper helps you gain traction and more customers by creating the key messages, or most essential statements needed to move an audience. To learn how to make Key Messages, here are seven steps you can take now to express your idea clearly. We infuse guided brainstorm technology that we created with scientifically proven [...]

A New Method to Write Key Messages

Many of us struggle when writing key messages for our audience or customers. Many times, we’re not confident in what we created and our audience and customers misunderstand us. You can learn how to make Key Messages with our blog post that teaches you seven steps to express your idea clearly. Traditionally we’ve written [...]

A Lesson in Bridging to Your Key Message

Let’s pretend you went through the Points on Paper process to get your key message. You now have clear, concise statements about your project or idea. Your thoughts are now structured and organized. And if someone asks you a question about your message, you can prove it. Much of this has to do with the [...]

How should I prepare for a presentation?

To prepare for a presentation you need to know how much time you have. Unfortunately, this dictates a lot about the content you will share. But the cool thing is you can make all of it relevant. Here are some thoughts: What are you communicating? You need to get an insane level of clarity on [...]

Key Messages 101: The Power of One Message

Key messages are the lifeblood of communication When I interned at the Oklahoma State Capitol during college, I licked envelopes; key messages were far from my mind. Literally. People actually do that for a living. And I was one of them. While I licked my 798th envelope my dad was about to [...]

Brainstorming is Painful (but it doesn’t have to be)

Have you ever sat through a brainstorm meeting and no one knew how to exactly…. errr… brainstorm? I have. We didn’t accomplish much. We just stared at the whiteboard. We made zero progress. In many cases we regressed. And then soon it would be time for lunch. Sandwiches would be brought in. We’d eat and [...]

A Testimonial by Michael Jernigan

NOTE: Michael Jernigan is a veteran we had the honor of helping while working with Honor Courage Commitment in Texas.  Points on Paper is a tool that I have found allows me to not only consolidate my thoughts on one topic in one place but it also allows me to prioritize those thoughts and helps [...]

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How do I communicate with my boss again that I don’t have enough work to do?

This might not work for you and your situation... But I had this problem when I worked in corporate America. I finally decided to stop begging for work and found my own. I began helping every department I could. I created strategic messaging for products, services and new initiatives. I was in HR, but helped [...]

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Why is social media marketing becoming prime for business organizations and what are the top social media marketing tools available?

Businesses want to get on social media to communicate to customers and build awareness about their business because it’s cost effective. However, before we can talk marketing tools on social media, you need to make sure you have a message that resonates with your audience. Many businesses push the cart before the horse. I see [...]

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