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About Jimmy Marlin Epperson

I write for a living. But I am also a content writer, marketing strategist, and communication consultant Here are some experiences that shaped who I am today. I was in the communication war room creating one-pagers for state legislators when a private equity firm bought TXU. I manned the Facebook wall when AT&T had all that network trouble because of the powerful iPhone. I answered customers' questions. I wrote open-ended answers for surveys when AT&T won award after award for diversity initiatives and practices. I worked in the Middle Keys as a reporter. My favorite story was when 80 dolphin beached themselves in the Florida Keys. I took my kayak in the ocean in the middle of the night and quoted a local veterinarian who poured water on a dolphin. I also wrote stories every night for the Oklahoman's last deadline. Now I am a marketing consultant and key messaging expert in the Dallas area. I've helped several local businesses rebrand themselves, hone their message and get more customers.