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How Sean Spicer Uses Key Messages

Sean Spicer uses key messages

How an expert uses key messages

Whether you support Donald Trump or not, I really don’t care. However, we can all learn something from how the administration communicates key messages.

Just look at how Sean Spicer communicates in high-stakes situations. He uses key messages to express some type of idea or opinion. He expresses these ideas — and even changes the conversation — with targeted messages.

I analyzed a recent interview he did on Jimmy Kimmel Live. You can watch the video below.

You and your business are probably not in a situation where you need to protect the brand of the White House. But it probably feels pretty close!

Having key messages can help you have a consistent way to answer questions that your customers may have. You can use key messages to make sure that your customer hears exactly what your value proposition or brand promise is.

In the case of large corporations, they often have staff or consultants who write key messages for the executive team. If executives could say whatever they wanted publicly, it would influence the company’s stock price.

What do your employees say about your company? Do they have message discipline? Do they understand what they say to a customer or in public can alter the profitability of your company?

In the case of Spicer, he uses messaging to control the conversation.

Watch the Youtube video.

You will see what I am talking about.

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