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Rethink How You Set Your New Year Resolutions

For anyone setting new year resolutions, it might be time to rethink how you approach the new year. Below is a new philosophy I learned by observing others.

I recently read a Facebook comment. It was under a story about 2018 new year resolutions and goals.

The person wrote, “I’d rather float where the current takes me than be obsessed with outcomes I can’t control.”

I was taken aback. This comment goes against what I believe in. I didn’t know people went through life like this.

I usually fly to a different city this time of year to do my annual review, Chris-Guillebeau style. I even meet with an accountability partner so I can tell him everything I am focusing on.

But this year I am not.

I have things I want to do and if I have the right lifestyle change I can get there: be healthier, make more profit, be a nicer human. However, these are not associated with 2018.

And frankly, it’s difficult to be that rigid and change everything at the start of the new year.

My accountability partner gave me a book, One Word. It helps you find one word that will guide your life. Mine is faith, which I do desperately need to stay positive and productive.

But I added some conditions. Each letter stands for something. And these have become my values. If you don’t know, values are how you want to act. Here is mine for 2018:

  • Family
  • Action
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Hope

Now when I have an anxious spell, I compare how I am currently behaving to these values. It helps me get centered and realize I’m not being who I want to be. I’m going to see if these values will help me live a more fulfilled life.

I think the last line in the movie Boyhood sums it up best: “You know how everyone’s always saying seize the moment? …. I’m kinda thinking it’s the other way around…. The moment seizes us.”

So if I had to sum up my 2018 goal, it would be this: Be in a position where I can see that the moment is actually seizing me. If I follow my values and have a little faith, I’ll be in a much better position to ride that current.

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