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A New Method to Write Key Messages

Many of us struggle when writing key messages for our audience or customers.

Many times, we’re not confident in what we created and our audience and customers misunderstand us.

You can learn how to make Key Messages with our blog post that teaches you seven steps to express your idea clearly.

Traditionally we’ve written these messages on whiteboards or word processors. Most of us think in a stream of consciousness that has no structure or discipline. The result of our effort? We squandered hours and can count the many brainstorms to prove it; our audience still does not understand.

Alas! What are we to do?

I faced this same problem in corporate America. Meetings were unproductive. The messages we wrote were jumbled. I knew we couldn’t have this level of unproductivity and expect success. So I came up with a solution.

Transform Jumbled Thought

We call it Points on Paper.

It’s a structured and disciplined approach to build your key message. A progression of questions and brainstorms help you rapidly create ideas and organizes your thoughts.

When finished with our process, you know the essential message that needs to be communicated and you can support it with proof points.

This is the same method we use to find clarity for executives in corporate America. Our simple method transformed complicated ideas into patents, gained approval for huge programs in corporate America, helped raise millions in donations for nonprofits, and has given a purpose to hundreds of people. And now it will help you.

When you clearly know the essential message to say to your audience… that’s when you can write crisp copy, give impactful speeches and influence your audience.

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