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Find freedom from your own mind with key messages

Points on Paper helps you find clarity and a set of key messages, which are the most important statements needed to move your audience.

To learn how to make Key Messages, here are seven steps you can take now to express your idea clearly.

We infuse guided brainstorm technology that we created with scientifically proven persuasion techniques and the fundamentals of communication… all to make a sound message that resonates with your audience.

I want to help you communicate your ideas in such a way that you will be more successful. I want to help you be freer; from the worry of your mind when you express your ideas.

I have always craved a certain sense of freedom. While I worked as a reporter in the Florida Keys, I quit my job and worked on a back of the lobster and crab boat. But this was not the pure freedom I longed for.

I crave a certain type of freedom from my own mind. Like you, my mind is full of stuff: stuff I have to do, fears, worry, anger, jumbled thoughts. All of it blocks me from being a productive member of society and a loving human being.

Whatever idea you are struggling with… I want to help you gain clarity and be free from the chains of the jumbled morass that storms our mind when we don’t know what to communicate.

And in this regard… I want to make a world a better place through my talents.

The best way to do that is on my own. That’s why I resigned from AT&T to follow my passion of writing the most essential points needed to influence an audience. I’ve had this passion since an internship where I licked envelopes for an entire summer. While working at the Oklahoma State Capitol, I met a press secretary for the President Pro Tempore of the Senate. I wanted to do what he did. So I went on a journey.

First I learned to write as a journalist, then worked for several business-consulting firms. I ended up in corporate America where I created and tested the Points on Paper method. I eventually pursued Points on Paper full time and now create and teach others about key messages and marketing and communication strategies.

If you are struggling with communicating a new idea, concept or project… this is the place where you can get help.


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More About Points on Paper

Points on Paper is a business communication tool that transforms jumbled thoughts into concise points on paper. We help you brainstorm with structure and discipline when trying to find clarity on a topic.

You can learn more here:

form your jumbled thoughts into concise points on paper with a structured and disciplined method to think that quickly finds clarity @ https://pointsonpaper.com

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