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How should I prepare for a presentation?

To prepare for a presentation you need to know how much time you have. Unfortunately, this dictates a lot about the content you will share. But the cool thing is you can make all of it relevant.

Here are some thoughts:

What are you communicating? You need to get an insane level of clarity on the main message you are trying to get across about your topic. And everything you talk about needs to support this main message. You are there to teach and prove one point and one point only. After your presentation, what’s the ONE thing they will remember?

You need a call to action: For any presentation or communication your goal is to influence the audience. You need to get them to act or do something that will help you. You have a great opportunity here. Simply getting them to understand your topic or changing their feelings is not an action… they need to actually do something.

You are the EXPERT: Believe it or not… the senior management team does not know as much as you. You are the expert here. They are not. Remember this. Believe in it. It will make you more confident on game day and help you prepare like a mofo. There is a freaking reason they asked you.

Say everything simply: As a result of being the expert… you cannot talk in jargon or use special terms. Do not assume the senior management team knows anything about what you are talking about. Say everything as simply as you possibly can. Who is smarter? Someone who can talk about physics using big words and terms… or someone who can simplify to the point where you and I and everyone in the room can understand it?

When you properly prepare for a presentation, you will be more confident in your message.

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