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Brainstorming is Painful (but it doesn’t have to be)

Have you ever sat through a brainstorm meeting and no one knew how to exactly…. errr… brainstorm?

I have.

We didn’t accomplish much. We just stared at the whiteboard. We made zero progress. In many cases we regressed.

And then soon it would be time for lunch. Sandwiches would be brought in.

We’d eat and look at each other and say, “Well. That was very helpful. Very interesting perspectives.”

But all of us in the room knew we didn’t accomplish anything.

The reason Points on Paper is so novel is because it takes care of several problems at once.

First, Points on Paper asks you several questions. We call this “guided brainstorming.”

Our tool guides you through the awful process of trying to understand what to think about.

Second, we use 70 characters. As we wrote in our book, it’s critical to be concise. It’s one of the four elements of the Clarity Compass. This forces you to only write the necessary information… that’s it.

Third, the way the questions are asked… it forces you to focus on your audience, instead of yourselves. This helps you get out of the arrogant-macho-man approach and quagmire that audience can’t stand. Instead you focus on how you can show benefit to the audience. This too is another element of the Clarity Compass.

Finally, we get you started. No one ever has editor’s block. But writer’s block coupled with the fear associated with getting points on paper… that is me.

I’d usually feel stupid trying to come up with something with the fear of being wrong. Being that vulnerable sucks the courage right out of you.

But answering questions… that’s different.

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