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A Testimonial by Michael Jernigan

NOTE: Michael Jernigan is a veteran we had the honor of helping while working with Honor Courage Commitment in Texas. 

Points on Paper is a tool that I have found allows me to not only consolidate my thoughts on one topic in one place but it also allows me to prioritize those thoughts and helps me flush out new ideas on the topic.  I found the computer program very easy to use.  It has been a beneficial tool in helping me strategize for meetings, focus my views on a topic and also has been extremely beneficial in helping me express my view points to others.

I have always found it difficult to get people to see my vision; with Points on Paper I now have a tool that helps me better express my vision to others.  Before Points on Paper I would have to sit in my office for more time than I should to brainstorm.  I would also have to call in colleagues to help with the brainstorming; this was not only an inefficient use of my time but it was also an inefficient use of the valuable time of my colleagues.  With Points on Paper I can sit down and in a matter of minutes have a clear and concise product that I am confident will help me in expressing my vision and help me help others to realize my vision.

In addition we have helped many veteran entrepreneurs focus their business plans and prepare for investor pitches to Angels and Venture Capitalists.  They are even finding innovative ways to use Points on Paper to help inspire creativity and out of the box thinking.  They have even found it helpful in fine tuning their marketing campaigns.  Points on Paper has been a tool as useful to them in their daily life as their rifles were to them while in the military.

Thank you to Points on Paper for creating a tool that is so helpful in not only becoming more efficient but also helping me step up my game to the next level.

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