Copywriter’s Brainstorm Tool for Targeted Messages

I like Points on Paper. It’s a smart tool with an easy-to-follow process to zoom in on what’s important to say in your marketing. The end result delivers clear, laser-targeted messages to hit more home runs.

-Will Roffé

Strategic Copywriter, Creative Director

Wayne McQueen, Points on Paper, Clarity, Message Map Maker

The process really helps me clarify my thinking and get focused on what I’m actually wanting to communicate. I really find the brainstorming to be very effective for getting clear in my topic.

-Wayne MacQueen

Leadership Coach and Writer

Transform Your Jumbled Thoughts into Concise Points

Your Brainstorm Guide helps you get a laser-focused message

  • Brainstorm Guide gives you 70 characters, making brevity critical
  • Brainstorm Guide focuses on uniqueness and audience advantage, which are basic building blocks of sound messages
  • The tool takes you through six brainstorms, all designed to create one key message to share with your audience

What do I get when I buy?

After your purchase, you’ll receive the following:

  • An email with a personal link to activate your Points on Paper account
  • You’ll also receive our ebook, Make Messages that Rock.
  • You’ll be invited to our private Facebook Group, where you can share and test your message with like-minded writers and ask the community for help finding additional clarity.

You will have access to Points on Paper for life: 

  • Unlimited Message Maps
  • Unlimited Access
  • Saves Maps to Your Account
  • Saves Your Work as You Go

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