Think Differently, Brainstorm Better

Transform your jumbled thoughts into concise points

What you can do with Points on Paper

Points on Paper is a way to brainstorm about a topic. After going through the brainstorms you have clear points to share about your topic and an organized, structured message. This tool creates succinct messages and gives you a different way to think about what you are about to communicate.

Create main messages for your landing pages.

Create an outline of your emails or blog posts.

Create an outline for your sales proposal or pitch.

Create talking points for your speech or presentation.

Transform Your Thoughts

If you cannot clearly and concisely express your idea, then it does not exist.

You’re going to have a hard time getting people to buy into your idea. We have a communication tool and process that will organize your messages and give you clarity.

6 Brainstorms, 70 Characters

Focus on basics of clear communication with our Brainstorm Guide. You have 70 characters to answer each question and brainstorm, making brevity critical.

The Brainstorm Guide focuses on why your topic is unique, the audience advantage and the pain points you are trying to solve. The right mix of these elements is the basic building block of sound messages. The tool takes you through six brainstorms, all designed to create one key message.

Tool Immediately Organizes Thoughts

Everything on the Brainstorm Tool is designed to prove one point, one key message.

At the end, you have a visual, organized representation of your key message, called a Message Map
You can also download a text document of your message, so you can start writing immediately.

What customers have said

Joe Klonek, Learning and Development Manager at AT&T

I work for a Fortune 10 company and was tasked with building a vision, mission, and strategy for a ground-up initiative with large scale promise. Points on Paper took me through their ‘message map’ process to develop a clear vision and goals. They also worked with me on presentation development and delivery to ensure my message resonated with my audience. All said, the initiative was recognized by our Chief Executive Officer in a town hall and one of our employees who was positively impacted through the program was featured in Fortune magazine for her development and growth. If you have an idea with limited clarity, I would call ‘Points on Paper’ to get you to the next level!

Kathy Archer, Silver River Coaching

“Working with Jimmy on the Guided Brainstorm gave me the clarity and direction I was looking for in my marketing language. Jimmy’s keen listening skills, his attention to detail and the way he transformed my jumbled words and thoughts was amazing. I now feel I can communicate clearly what it is that I do, but more importantly I am able to communicate the difference I make in the lives of my clients.”

Will Roffé, Strategic Copywriter, Creative Director

“I like Points on Paper. It’s a smart tool with an easy-to-follow process to zoom in on what’s important to say in your marketing. The end result delivers clear, laser-targeted messages to hit more home runs.”

Wayne McQueen, Points on Paper, Clarity, Message Map Maker

Wayne MacQueen, Leadership Coach and Writer

The process really helps me clarify my thinking and get focused on what I’m actually wanting to communicate. I really find the brainstorming to be very effective for getting clear in my topic.”

Calvin Drake, Founder and CEO of The River Jordan Legacy

“Jimmy Epperson and Points on Paper are awesome! In my 12 years in corporate management and as an entrepreneur, I have never come across a tool for improving communication as effective as Points on Paper.”

Michael Jernigan, Community Outreach Specialist

“Points on Paper is a tool that I have found allows me to not only consolidate my thoughts on one topic in one place but it also allows me to prioritize those thoughts and helps me flush out new ideas on the topic. It has been a beneficial tool in helping me strategize for meetings, focus my views on a topic and also has been extremely beneficial in helping me express my view points to others. I have always found it difficult to get people to see my vision; with Points on Paper I now have a tool that helps me better express my vision to others.”

David Williams, Customer Experience at AT&T Mobility

“Points on Paper is the greatest and simplest communication tool I’ve found to develop, shape, and master a speech or presentation. I recently had the privilege of delivering a presentation for a workshop at AT&T’s largest internal national conference. With true clarity, the message was meaningful to the audience, helped them embrace the vision, and empowered them to execute and deliver.”

Who created Points on Paper and why?

Jimmy Marlin Epperson, Points on Paper, Message Map Maker

While working in corporate America, Jimmy Epperson wanted a faster and disciplined way to create clear statements about ideas. He wanted to visualize these messages on paper.

Jimmy began consulting everyone and anyone who needed help. This is how the Points on Paper process was born. Jimmy made the process into a webtool and tested the tool on senior executives. Soon after he left AT&T and pursued Points on Paper and consulting on his own.

This tool is what he uses to find clarity for his customers, and it’s helped hundreds of others.